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hello everyone

i am currently attending city tech nyc. Its my 3rd time trying to get

into the nursing program. my GPA isnt great at all 2.9 and got all B's in my sciences and 1 C in intro to Math.

Since i retook math and didn't do so well.. my chances of getting in aren't that great. I am only

left with scoring really high on the kaplan exam, or transfering schools. I want to re take some of my courses

and possibly attend Kingsborough, leham, medgar evers, or BMCC. My question is.. would there be a limit

to retaking courses.. i would want to retake 1 of my anatomy courses and intro to math. I am so disappointment in myself and not knowing what to do...

any advice would be greatly appreciated

How about a school that chooses by lottery? Then those with high and lower GPAs have the same chance.

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An advice I can share with you regarding retaking courses, please find out how many those schools will allow. I had applied to a school that will only allow one course to be retaken. So, before spending the money, find out.

Also, don't give up hope.

Like mxchas said check with the schools you are thinking of attending and find out their policy on retaking courses! But also don't forget that the federal government only allots so much financial aid to each student for the course of their college years! It usually adds up to be about 5 years for completion of a BSN.

okay thank i am in the process of finding out.. hopefully it works out.

thank you :-)

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It'll all depend on the school. I know some schools only allow you to retake one class, but I know my school allows us to retake all of our pre-req classes as often as we need to/want to. Good luck, I had to retake my anatomy class and I did so much better the second time. Having the building blocks helps.

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