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hi my husband is a doctor and i am having depedent visa.i have completed my dip in nursing 3 and half year course so can i work right away of what is the precedure to work in uk.

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I moved your thread to the International Forum since it is specific to immigration/ licensure.

What type of dependent visa are you actually on? Not all will permit you to work? What type of experience do you have, if any?

You will not be able to work right away, licensure process needs to be completed, but again it is going to depend if your visa will permit you to work there or not.

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Once your Visa is sorted out and you are legally allowed to work you will have to meet the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery council UK to register as a nurse.

You will find the information you need on thier website

You will also need to pass a written and spoken english test (the ILETS)

You will also need to do an overseas nursing program

Looking at your post it may be worth you taking some English lessons to help you through the ILETS, both your written and spoken English will have to be very good if you are going to be able to practice as a nurse in the UK. I would suggest you do this before you attempt to go through the process, and if you are a new grad nurse then you may well struggle to find work even with a visa as our own new grads will already have experience of working in the NHS whereas you will not have this.

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