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Hello! I just wanted to ask around and see if there are any tips/ tricks for getting through the third trimester of pregnancy during the first semester of a Nursing Program. I am worried because there is a two week (at the VERY least) recovery time after delivery (even if bleeding can continue for four more weeks- at least) and I know that we cannot miss that many days of classes or clinicals.

All I know is that I am going to contact the teachers and ask them tips of what to read before class starts and read them, read pathophysiology and drug dosage books, and make connections with instructors.

My goal is to try as much as I can to prepare ahead of time. I have my in laws to help me out with the newborn since both are retired. I also have a supportive husband who is going on a paternity leave, the day the baby is born until about a month after.

I know that it sounds like I am just thinking of a smooth sailing pregnancy/ labor and delivery, but all I can do is roll with the punches, one day at a time and be as prepared as I can be.

Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated!

In my program, missing two clinical days was a failure. Failing two classes was dismissal from the entire program. We also had classes one at a time that started every eight weeks. If I'd had your circumstances in my program, I would have asked to delay my start date. Otherwise, I'd have started with no room for error, at all.

I did actually end up "failing" a clinical due to unexpected illness and absences. If I had previously wasted my chance on something foreseeable, I would have had a BIG problem.

Thank you for your input:) I do understand that anything can happen and expecting the worse, complications and missing clinicals and classes, may tip the scale to just forgoing my spot. Sadly, the school does not have deferment options.

Nursing is just so impacted which makes me believe that my less than stellar qualities have just slipped through the cracks and the school might not pick me again if I let this opportunity go.

Do you think going through the program and having an incomplete grade if any complications arise is a viable option?

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Do you think going through the program and having an incomplete grade if any complications arise is a viable option?

No, I don't think that is a viable option. Almost every class in nursing builds on top of the previous classes. As you will be in your first semester, everything you learn is going to be the foundation for the rest of your courses. I've never known of a nursing program that allows a student to continue with an incomplete- the student has to wait until the class they were unsuccessful in (for whatever reason) is offered again.

I think you are taking a very big risk and it's not one I would personally do myself.

A very good friend of mine was in this same predicament. She delivered and was back to class in time and she didn't miss any clinical or classes. She was due 3wks before the end of the semester. We all supported her and pitched in for like studying and keeping her updated on everything that was due. I'm sure you will figure something out just stay positive and do what is best for you. :up:

There was a student in my class who gave birth on a Thursday and was back to take a quiz the following Tuesday! We were all like- where's the baby?!? LOL. But seriously she was a rock star and I think she also had a lot of help from family. I would request a meeting with someone from the department prior to the start of the semester (department chair, lead teacher or someone like that) and explain the situation. I think its better to talk with them ahead of time, show them that you aren't looking for favors but are looking for guidance on what you need to do to make this work. Make sure you know all the absence and repeat course policies thoroughly as you may find yourself having to repeat semester 1 if things don't work out as planned. See what you can do ahead of time as you suggested- maybe you can do a few extra clinical days with another group before the baby comes, depending on the timing, or they may have other suggestions. Have a Plan A, B, C and D. :) And enjoy this special time in your life! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

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