Programs in Delaware that Will Pay for Nursing School

  1. I have heard of this programs I just can't seem to find any information on them.

    Does anyone know of a program in Delaware that will pay for you to go to LPN school specifically?

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  3. by   lillypad274
    Try this website, THey have an LPN 1yr degree there, but it is extemely competitive, I think, but I haven't kept up with the latest. Also, I think that there is a program sponsored by the DE Governor's office to help fill nursing shortages down state, basically, they would pay for your tuition, books, etc., and when you finish school, you are required to pay it back by working in a nursing shortage area of the state. I don't know if they still do that, and if you worked there, it might not pay as well, but you would also be doing a great service to people who need a nurse.

    Here is an announcement from 2003 DE Governor's office that might get you started in some direction to find out more.
  4. by   Amira1978
    Does anyone know of any LPN Schools that is in Delaware County and the Philadelphia that are free? I highly doubt that there is a program like that but I will ask. You never know what's out there. I pray there is one like that, but if not please update me on anything that you may know even if its in Delaware I am willing to travel.
  5. by   lillypad274
    Most states have programs, I believe, where there is free tuition paid if you agree to work in an underserved area where healthcare workers are desperatley needed after you graduate. I think it is sort of like a loan where if you don't carry through, you are required to reimburse the government. Someone I used to know did one of those in North Carolina, where they got their tuition paid, but they ended up having to move out of state due to a family circumstance and could no longer fulfill their obligation to work in a NC underserved area, so they had to repay every penny.

    Here is one program for tuition redemption in NJ:

    You can search your state government website and find phone numbers and email info and try contacting them.
    Also, go to the

    Health and Human Services government webpages about scholarships.

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  6. by   Brooklynqueen
    such great info! looking for underserved hospital here in new york. any suggestions?
  7. by   lillypad274
  8. by   lillypad274
    ...looking for underserved hospital here in new york. any suggestions?

    If you google Medically underserved areas of New York, there are several great government websites as well as some nongovernment ones and they have phone numbers on some of them. Some of them do not specifically target nurses, and some are about nurse practitioners or doctors, but they might have some good leads.

    Here are just a few...

    Find Shortage Areas: MUA/P by State and County

    National Women's Law Center Report Card - People in Medically Underserved Areas

    NYS Medicine:3-year Limited License