DTCC Stanton/Owen nursing program?

  1. Hello,
    I will be moving to Newark fron No VA at the end of December. I have already done all the pre req and I am finishing the co req for te VA nursing program but since I am moving I have to enroll in DE.
    I am scare to death because it seems that DTCC doe not offer many options.
    Like I need to sign up for taking the NLN in the first week of January and they will tell me a date that day (I have to get the book but I would like to know when I will take the test to practice before hand). And plus you sign up a year in advance for not even being sure of getting a seat? I do not get that at all. For only one nursing program a year?

    What is your experience? This is so vague they do not cooperate much over the phone I cannot attend an information session. Should I apply to Terry campus to get a better chance? Does anyone go out of state?
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  3. by   defenbaker10
    I go to DTCC Terry campus. The program at Terry is run differently than the Stanton campus. Terry campus they give you a list of the dates for the NLN and you pick which date you want to do it on. Terry has two sets of clinicals a semester. One is during the day and one is at night. To get a seat for clinicals they have a point system, the higher your points the quicker you get in. I think the most points is 16 or 17 if I remember correctly. You get points for each prereq. class you have taken and what your grade was. For instance clinical math if you got an A you get 3 points, if you get a B you get 2 points, a C 1 point. They have all the info on their website Nursing Department @ Terry Campus. Right now for the NLN they only have thru December dates but sometime in December they will probably list the January dates for the testing.
  4. by   Readyforthenextstep
    Thank you for you response. I was concerned about the terry campus since it will be further. I did check their website and I like the fact that they post their date like that you can prepare yourself. Now, I called the stanton campus and the lady really insisted on the english reading class and I am not sure what she was referring to. So, I m about the register Stanton right now meaning enrolling and send my transcript and I will go from there or maybe register for both and I will have to pick which one at the end. I am lost...And the waiting process is driving me nuts if I was to stay in Va I would have been enrolled for starting in Feb 11 and be done in May 12 and now in DE I would maybe stat in 2012 and be done 2 year later time ...
  5. by   defenbaker10
    She probably was referring to the critical reading class. When you first enroll they usually make you take a placement test to see where your reading level is at. If your score is high enough you will be exempt and don't have to take the class but if your score is low they will make you take the class to bring your reading skills up.