Dtcc stanton clinical schedule

  1. Hello everyone!

    I will be applying for clinicals in the spring of 2017. I have 15 points for my ranking. My biggest concern is the schedule. I have 2 young kids and have to figure something out far in advance for their care. Pm clinicals would eliminate this problem but it's almost impossible to get an answer as to how the schedule looks! Is there anyone who knows the scheduling options at deltech in Stanton?
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  3. by   D.Rich07
    I'm beginning clinicals in fall of this year and they still haven't provided us with a schedule yet. I know they offer morning, afternoon and nights courses but I'm not 100% sure what the times are.

    the application and approval process is very drawn out. The deadline was March 15th and we still have not gotten our FINAL acceptance letters or been given any information on the course times and when we are able to register.

    Its frustrating for me and a few others cuz we are single parents and we're trying to find jobs to work around our school schedule but we don't know what it is yet and no one will provide that information.

    honestly I think the application and communication to prospective RN students should be sped up and have student workers and parents in mind so we can prepare accordingly.
  4. by   barbara.deltech
    Hi! I applied to start in August 2017. Did you hear anything yet? I also have a 2 yo son, hopefully they will offer evening clinicals.
    Good luck!
  5. by   D.Rich07
    Yeah im about to finish second level now. They do offer night clinicals & 170 was a bit different, the offered morning, afternoon and night, after that it's just morning and night, but lecture is always during the day.

    Also so the schedule changes from semester to semester and day to day as far as your one day off during the week and times that you spend in class. For 170 and 180 expect to spend extra time in the lab outside of class practicing your skills for sign off.

    Personally I think 170 was the best time to work as long as you have a schedule and stay on top of your school work, but after that it gets more difficult because the courses are 8 weeks, there's a lot to cover, it's fast paced so you have to study a lot, and sometimes you're in lecture most of the day (for example 9am-2pm) sometimes later.

    recruit friends and family to help out with your son cuz you will definitely need it. Clinical is Monday and Tuesday and starts at 6:30 am and you have to be there on time; my mom drops my son off on those days. My best friend/his godmom picks him up from daycare Tuesday and Wednesday so I can get a break or stay at the library late to get some work done and when I come home he's in bed or ready for bed. you'll need the support! Good luck to you