Anyone ever taken clinical telecourse??

  1. i registered for my 1st clinical yesterday!!!. i had to take the evening clinical and they only offer that as a telecourse. at first i was a little nervous about taking a telecourse for clinicals but everyone i talked to said that it was really good. i have 2 young sons and a husband, who works the graveyard shift, so day clinical was just not going to work out for me. they give us videos that contain the entire lecture and we can contact the instructures by e-mail, phone or in person. plus, we still have to go to the school for labs, seminars, and of course the hospitals for the clinical part. so, it is not like i am going to be missing out on anything. i was just wondering if anyone has taken a clinical telecourse at dtcc (stanton campus) or anywhere for that matter? and what did you think about it?
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  3. by   cloudydrms
    Jennifer, I just graduated from the Stanton DTCC nursing program in May. Sorry that I didn't see your post earlier, but this past semester was a really busy one. Yes, I have taken several nursing classes telecourse. Are you having to take both 141 and 142 as telecourses or just one of them? If you are a pretty good student (How'd you do in A&P?) and you don't need anyone to push you, then you'll be fine with the telecourse. Just don't let yourself get behind with the videos!!! Also, in the future, it's much easier to take the even numbered courses (142, 144, 242, and 244) as telecourse than the odd numbered ones (141, 143, 241, 243). The odd numbered courses are the harder Med-Surg courses, and I always found it easier to actually be there for the lecture than to watch it on video. On the other hand, some people liked to watch it on video cuz then they could always rewind if they missed something, etc.

    Let me know if I can help you out in any way,
  4. by   soontobe_RN
    cindy, i consider myself a pretty good student. i have taken a lot of classes (more than what's required) and i either got an a or b in each. the only course i got a c in ( 1 point away from a b), was ron's a&p 2. i was pregnant with my 2nd son and at the end of my 2nd trimester, so, i was very forgetful. it seemed like no matter how hard i would study, my mind would not retain the info. with the 1st telecourse that i took, i needed to work on my self-discipline, although, i still managed to get an a. ever since then, all the other telecourses i have had, i set up a schedule and stick to it. actually, i sometimes get ahead, but i then force myself to slow down, so that the info doesn't get confusing. the main reason for me taking the telecourse is b/c my husband works at night and doesn't get home until 7:30am. also, i have two children and my study time is mainly at night. now, sue said that after the 1st semester, the telecourse classes fill up quick. how can i be sure that i get in. with this fall, i was at the college an hour early and my husband was at home trying to sign me up online. needless to say, i got in b/c my husband was able to register me online. anyway, thanks for the advice. i sure can use it!!
  5. by   cloudydrms
    Sounds like you're doing pretty well. How you do in Ron's A&P is a fairly good indication of how you'll do in nursing courses although it is different. It's just so much easier to get behind in the nursing courses with the reading and all. Are you taking both classes telecourse or just one? Honestly, I would have advised that you not take any telecourse the first semester not because it's harder, but because you really need to get into the swing of it all and I think that's easier to do if you have to constantly be at the school. On the other hand, you're a good student. I'm sure you'll do fine.

    Sue is right (I just love favorite clinical instructor. Her and Anne.) The telecourse classes do fill up fast but you'll find that the even numbered classes fill up faster. It seems like they always schedule early registration for classes on a Monday so you'll be in clinical. Now you'll have an advantage because you're in evening clinicals, right? So if you get online early (or get to the school early) that Monday and register, you won't have any problem. I never had any problem getting what I wanted if I registered on the first day and I was in day clinicals.

    Anyway, that's the scoop.
  6. by   soontobe_RN
    Yes, I am taking both NUR141 and NUR142 as telecourses. Truthfully, I have to b/c of my husbands work schedule. If they had classes in the school at night I would do that first but they only in class sessions in the morning( as you know). Thanks again for all the info and advice. I'll keep you updated on how things go.
  7. by   prettysoldier
    clinical telecourse....what?! that actually exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kent county must be in the 14th century. how does it work? i can slap myself thinking about telecourse. but it makes me smile when i think of not having to see some instructors faces :chuckle
  8. by   chawviv
    I am a LPN and I am thinking about taking a telecourse in nursing to get my RN. I have ALL of my prereqs done. I only need the nursing courses, can anyone refer me to a excellent school?
  9. by   MIC!
    Wow, I didn't know they offered clinical telecourses at Stanton campus. Telecourses and online courses don't work with me. I wish you luck