Dekalb Tech College/ Piedmont Tech college


Has anyone granduated or is currently goin thru the LPN program there. I want to know what is it like and is it hard to pass? I am currently deciding between Dekalb tech and Bauder College. Any suggestions???


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I'm also thinking about going for the LPN program at GA Piedmont Tech. Either there or North GA Tech or Gwinnett Tech. I would stay away from Bauder College though. Isn't that basically a scam school? I did a program last year that took me on a tour of that college. I signed up for one of their info sessions while I was there. The info session never happened because I wasn't interested (tuition too high), but they continued to call me. I thoroughly explained to them I wasn't interested and they told me they would tell the school administrators and take my name off the calling list. Weeks later, I got a huge box in the mail full of text books for medical assisting. I was really confused and called them about it. They said I would have to send the books back to them if I wasn't interested (using my own money) and if I didn't send them back within a certain time limit, they would charge me. Of course, I sent them back.


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Wow that school doesnt sound like they have their "stuff" together. very disorganized. well, I am looking at a good LP program as a plan B if I dont get into GTC's 2014 Rn program. I cant find an official website for the school, Dekalb Tech that is. Is this school both Dekalb Tech and Piedmont Tech???? I almost get nothing when I google Dekalb, and mostly Piedmont. Maybe thats why I cant find the site?