Dekalb Medical or South Fulton


I have been contacted in the past week for for jobs at Dekalb and South Fulton, and I would like to hear from nurses especially those working at Dekalb. I have friends at south fulton, but I dont know any one at Dekalb. The job offer at Dekalb is for the stepdown unit or Clinical decision unit, and Floatpool for S.Fulton. I am not in a hurry to change jobs so I will like to take my time and research as much as I can.

Any info would be nice.



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I work w/someone who works at Dekalb - she likes it.


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S Fulton is owned by Tenet. Google it or do a seach here on AN, they are not a good company to work for. I'd avoid tenet.


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Thanks for replying.


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I've been at Dekalb for 5 years. It has its ups and downs but overall I love it. Our stepdown unit can be crazy but some people really like that. I haven't really talked to anyone who works in CDU. I have a lot of friends who work at South Fulton and they say it's crazy but pays well (especially the float pool).


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I worked at Dekalb as a new grad. Like previous posters states, it can be a challenge sometimes but we had the best teamwork and the staff was culturally diverse ( which I like). I don't regret it at all. I use to work with someone from s. Fulton and she hated it ! Very high acuity and little to no techs.