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Degree Advice/ LPN ?

:typingHello to all,

I am currently taking my pre-reqs at my local Community College, in illinois they have a program called the IAI which basically allows you to get your ass. degree from the c.c. and transfer it to any public or private school in the state. I am currently pre-nursing but what i discovered was that I can also obtain a degree in psych along with my nursing degree in only another semester. So while i would be taking my lpn courses i would also be taking a semester of psych classes. My thinking is that i can pair my lpn license with my ass. in psych to hopefully work at a hospital on a psych floor (hopefully make a higher wage because i do have a young child) while I am attending a university to obtain my BSN. What i was wondering though is that is it possible to do that....Can Lpn's work a psych floor, if they have the degree for it, and if so what is the wage, my assumption is probably no extreme difference, but i just wanted everyones take on it.:typing

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.


We use LPNs in psych but since you are being hired as a LPN I'm not sure that having an associates degree would really make a big difference in your paycheck. Getting your ADN sure will, I ended up getting a $15 an hour raise. Since it is only an extra semester to get your Associates degree I would definitely do it but again if you are looking to advance as a nurse getting your ADN or BSN would be a good next step. Take care, Jules

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