Deferred Adj/Dismissed, cleared as an LVN, but can I go on for my RN?

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Hi, I'm an LVN of 20+ years now... 10 years ago I was arrested for possession of controlled substance and child endangerment. (The arrest stemmed from an altercation at my home, while I was at work, between my babysitter and her boyfriend. I was notified by a neighbor that there were police at my home, so I went home to see what was going on. Drugs were found in the home in the couch where she had been sleeping, but since she denied they were hers, and since they were in my home, we both were arrested, AND since my kids were in the home, we were both charged with poss of controlled substance and child endangerment.) I sent in all of the arrest info and charges and letters from my lawyer (before it went to court) and was cleared by the TX BON to continue nursing with no problems. Then, the following year the charges were dismissed after deferred adjudication. Should I have sent in the dismissal/deferred adj information then, even after I was cleared from the arrest and charges? It's been 10 years since the arrest and probably 8 yrs since the charges were dismissed. I have only had one issue 5 years ago with it showing up on a criminal background check as dismissed... But I have had a few jobs since then and no problems at all since. Do I have anything to be concerned about now? Should I notify them again?

Also, Im about to start taking my basics to go back for RN... Will I be able to get my RN License or will there be problems with this? Even though I've been working as an LVN all these years since? 

Just to add, I had no criminal record before that incident and no trouble since then. I have a multitude of excellent character references..

Thanks for any help!

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Since you have an active LVN TX license, BON will have previous conviction on file.  SO on RN application, would check yes to criminal HX question and submit dismissal of criminal charges paperwork.  As clear history since then,  current nursing employment, don't think it will be an issue.

I started as LPN too..  Best wishes in advancing to RN! 

Thanks so much 

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