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Well folks, we have started four weeks nation wide lock down today.

Not sure if its fortunate, of course nursing is one of those essential services. So at least on the postive side like so many I dont have to stress about not having an income to pay the morgate.

I work in community mental health, so our visits are down to essential visits only eg someone in acute crisis or someone needing their depot injection

Some peanut went through our desks helping themselves to bottles of hand sanitiser. And we have to make our case to get masks, so if we get out to a client and find them coughing and spluttering we can protect ourselves.

Its surreal really. It was needed, our Covid cases were literally doubling every day, we went from 1-2 to five, ten, twenty five +++ new cases every day. And we are starting to see community transmission. Fortunately so far, most are recovering at home, only a small amount of the cases are needing hospital care and non needing ICU care.

How is everyone else coping?


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As long as my home care patient and their family are well, and I remain well, I have a job. That’s about as good as I suspect that I can expect.