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how did you decide to become a nurse.

how did you decide to go into nursing?

what inspired you so to go into it?

do you regret your choice of becoming a nurse?

i love kids, prayed about it and since now that i've figured out that teaching them isn't my thing (atleast 5 days/wk, 7hrs/day, with 20+ students in classroom). i want to be able to care for them and comfort them and such (blood doesn't turn me :D amazingly). i wont enter a nursing program untill 2009/2010 but inways i'm excited.

any ideas on how to prepare for nursing school?

i thought i could enter pt program here at jeffstate, but didn't make good enough grades though. (i'm a mostly b average student).

so i'm gonna transfer after i take my basics here and go on to uab and get a bachelors instead.

thanks for any and all advice given :loveya:


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After working 3 yrs in an alternative HS setting, I too realized I was not cut out for the classroom setting. I enjoyed the students personally, but felt like I was suffocating in the school environment. Since I have always been fascinated by all things medical, I decided to go back to school and get an ADN. I'm in my first semester now and it is awesome!! I love thinking critically and the hands-on nature of things. I'd say follow your instincts and go for it!

I actually "knew" when I was about 8. We were doing a unit on the Civil War in school and I read a biography on Clara Barton, and that was it! I just knew that nursing would be something I'd be great at and love. I spent all of elementary, jr. high, and HS focused on nursing, reading everything I could about the profession even reading nclex books :clown: When I finished my two years of pre-req's in college, I had a bit of a freak out, not sure I'd really love nursing, so I switched and got my degree in psychology with the plan to get my PhD. in child psych.

Well, several years, a child, and divorce later I found myself looking for career options that wouldn't take me away from my son from 9-5, that would pay well, and wouldn't take me forever to complete a degree for: nursing was it!

Now that I've actually starting nursing school I just feel like I'm where I was meant to be all along :up: My classes are requiring a lot so far, but every morning I'm so excited I wake up before the alarm and I'm just ready to learn :p I know it's not going to feel this way all of the time, but having studied a subject I like but wasn't passionate about, there is a HUGE difference. I can't wait to be a nurse :heartbeat

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