December 2008-May/June 2009 Grads...Are you being able to find jobs?

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I keep reading all over the site that new grads are having a tough time finding jobs. How is this being played out in Missouri? I'm a luckyone I suppose, because I graduated in December and started looking for a job in August, had one lined up for starting in January by the end of September. But how has it been for everyone else? Thanks!

It has worked out in Missouri for me so far. I'm a summer grad, but started my search, networking, and applications in November. I landed a job in St. Louis three weeks before graduation. The whole process took a long time and produced a lot of anxiety, but it may have been more difficult since I am moving from out of state (the shortage of new grad positions is severe in the northeast). Good luck to all those still searching; it will come, persevere, be flexible, and absolutely actively keep in touch with all recruiters.


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I'm not a May/June Grad, but I'm graduating in 3 weeks (August grad). I can say it's a rough time of year to be graduating, because all the spring/summer fellowships that were offered are filled, and many hospitals don't have any open positions for new grads this time of year. It's not looking so hot! I'm lucky I already work in a hospital in a unit I enjoy...but I can say overall, there are NOT many job opportunities available


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The job market in st. louis doesn't look so good for gn's especially for lpn's. i don't graduate until early march of next year and i'm already starting to inquire about positions for lpn's. hopefully when i get my rn the job market will be better. there are still more openings for rn's than lpn's which is why i'm immediatly bridging into an rn program.

Good luck to everyone.

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