Debating entering into the Navy?


I am currently in a LPN program in my state. I graduate in August. My mom is pressuring me to enter into the Navy. All of sudden out of no where yesterday she began to pressure me and got super mad and started yelling when I began to become apprehensive and unsure about the whole thing. She flipped her lid. She is a drama queen. I don't know where this came from. She said if I don't enter into the navy I am have to pay for my schooling and everything else because she won't pay for it anymore.

I am totally freaked out at the prospect at entering the navy.

I want to know why basic training in 6 freaking weeks long. What do you have to do? I heard you have to jump into water, take off your pants, and blow them up as a safety device. I don't know what to think. I am not a huge guy i'm pretty small/average. The thought of basic training has me panicked.

Do you sign up and then get shipped off for 2 months at basic training and then they put you on a ship? I'm confused. How do you get the Navy to help you with school? If you don't go on a ship, do you live on a Navy camp or do you live in a Navy dorm somewhere, or do you go back to your hometown, do school and live somewhere or do you have to stay somewhere where the navy can employ you or something. I am so confused.

I am so confused, someone please help me. I probably need to go talk to a recruiter soon.

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Good grief. Tell your mom that you can't go into the Navy as a nurse without a BSN; I'm not sure the Navy even has LPNs because they use corpsmen.

There is some basic recruiting information here: Joining the military for experience and benefits can be a good idea, in my opinion. However, you'd be wasting your LPN certification at this point if you joined the Navy.

Good luck!!!


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I'm not commissioned or anything, but as LunahRN stated, you have to have your BSN in order to commission as an officer in the Navy. You can go the enlisted route, but you wouldn't be able to use your LPN unless they put you as a corpsman or something along that route!

I've researched at ton (trying to commission into the Air Force right now) so my advice would be to research as much as possible about the Navy. Go on the Navy website and look at your options. Type in Google Navy nurse and just research as much as you can on forums and websites to find out info from people who have already been in or are trying to commission now.

Lastly, my personal opinion, I know you feel like you're being forced to commission/enlist in the Navy by your mother. However, this should be a decision that you make because it is your life that you will be changing. Joining the military is a big decision because you can't just quit like you would a normal job. Make sure you are prepared, knowledgeable about your options, and willing to serve your country before you make a huge decision! Don't forget about student loans if you decide that the military isn't the correct path and need a way to pay for your schooling! Good luck on your decision!