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death smells like

I was wondering if someone dieing can smell like there sick , like throw up??? Noone else in there home can smell it . I smell it on her and her bedroom and she clean and her room clean ... any idea ? She has CHF

She has kidney failure and CHF . I've been with her almost 2 years now . She sleep all the time now . She use to be active some what .

There is a smell which I can not describe that I experienced with dying hospice patients. I do not think you are imagining this. Your sense of smell is sensitive to it, while the family members have probably become used to it without their noticing.

I ask the other caregiver and she said she don't smell any thing .... my first patient I've been with till the end ... so sad because I love her so thank you

icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

Has 24 years experience. Specializes in MICU, SICU, CICU.

Sometimes their is a sour smell with chronic heart failure and chronic renal failure patients. It might be the odor of urea, a waste product, coming out through her pores or in her perspiration. Try to keep her clean and her linens fresh that is all that you can do.

icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

Has 24 years experience. Specializes in MICU, SICU, CICU.

Spearmint oil on cottonballs placed around the room can help bad smells. I have not tried the ground coffee or iodoform tricks yet.

I really like gold bond powder for it's menthol smell.

Some patients like fragrances, some do not. It is a good idea to ask someone in the family and provide the patients 8preference.

Their is a spray we used in the OR called FOE for fecal odor eliminator. It is the best product that I know of for clearing out bad smells.


Has 5 years experience. Specializes in Emergency Room, Trauma ICU.

Coffee grounds works wonders, just put some in a cup in the corners of the room. We do that in the ER with our more fragrant pts and it works well.


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