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Rep. P. Levin mentioned something about two supervisory bodies for nursing in Pa. during the PCN broadcast Sat. evening. She was almost in tears when she spoke of it. She said Pa. was the only state in the union that had this and that conflicting regulations were constantly being issued. I should be ashamed to admit that I know nothing about this. Could it be that long ago when the law was written the legislature thought a female dominated profession could not supervise itself?

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In PA, the State Board of Nursing (SBON) controls practice for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Advanced Practice Nurses, however, are controlled by both the SBON AND Board of Medicine. The Pennsylvania Department of Health manages the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry for CNA's.

Pat was probably referring to Advanced Practice Nursing.

Summary Report of PSNA's nursing shortage forum is available @

P.S. I found that comcast cable WEST Delaware County only has PCN on in daytime.....have two hours of scrolling news instead of PSNA hearing.


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Hearing that makes me feel better. I was wondering how I could be a nurse in Pa for 30+ years and not know about this dual governing thing. I thought I must have had a TIA or something.

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