Daytona State question regarding the "non" waiting list



I am currently attending DSC. I am taking College Algebra and speech. I have only those two classes left and all my classes are finished. I have yet to take the NET test. My GPA is 3.43. My question is for those who have been accepted with the NON waiting list, what were your GPA's and or NET test scores and did you have all your other coreqs and prereqs completed when you applied? I am hoping to submit my application in May for the August 09 class.

Thanks in advance for any replies,



I am in my first semester, got accepted in the first non-waiting list class. My GPA was 3.1. All of my pre and co reqs were done and i had A's in all of them. When you fill out your app you put what you got in those classes down on the app so I guess they weight them more. I think I got an 87% overall on the NET. Most of the people I talked to in my class had GPA's closer to yours so I guess I just barely got in...

Good luck getting in, I know it can be completly nerve racking. If you don't have and advisor try Rena Medina, she is great and knows lots about the nursing application process.

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