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Hi there! This is my first time posting here so thank you kindly for reading this. Has anyone on here applied for the fall 2020 ADN program at Daytona State College? I'm very nervous because I did not get to take the TEAS due to COVID-19, which they are allowing us this time around to submit without TEAS scores. I'm finishing my last co-req right now online (oral communications I saved for last because I was DREADING it!) and I do have a GPA of 3.81 currently. Was just curious to see who else is applying maybe make a few friends!

Hey! I also applied for fall and was not able to take the TEAS yet.

Hey! I applied for the fall also and still haven't taken the TEAS due to COVID-19. All prereqs complete but Combined Cum. GPA is at 3.28 after transfers so I'm a little nervous about the cutoff for fall.

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Hello! CONGRATS to you both on submitting your applications!! I hope we all get in. 🙂 It's such a sigh of relief to know I'm not the only one who didn't get to test and also a relief to know I'm not the only one dying to get a letter in the mail! The waiting game is tough, man. There was an update posted that assessment services will contact us to make an appt. to take the TEAS. I might email them to see when we can expect to receive a call so I know how much time there is to review.

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Let me know what they tell you about the TEAS

I will!!

Hey there,

I applied in May to start in Fall 2020. Did anyone receive a call from the assessment center to schedule their TEAS test? My GPA is 3.8 so fingers crossed. The waiting game for the decision letter feels like forever !

Hi! I agree, the wait is absolutely agonizing. Especially now that they're saying letters aren't going out until mid-July. I'm obsessively checking my informed delivery every morning just in case they come sooner, wishful thinking! I looked on the assessment services website just now and they have a calendar to make an appointment. Time to actually start studying again, LOL.

I hope we find out sooner rather than later . The end of June would be nice! 🙂 Did the assessment center call you to schedule your TEAS?

Myself and three others that I know received a call and some have not. This is super confusing especially since I already completed the TEAS. They told me to disregard the call but the nursing program did submit a list to the assessment center I believe because I was on that list.

That's great you got to test before the pandemic began! I had planned to go in to test literally the week everything started shutting down. I was so upset at first. But no I didn't get a call. So confusing! I wonder what determined who was on that list or if it was all applicants. I saw something that a lot of people have applied for this fall. Maybe they started calling applicants and realized it was way too many people to call and just had us schedule it ourselves. Hmmmm

I’m glad everyone is still able to get a chance to take it and still get accepted. That is probably what it is. I assume that there were far too many people to call so they ended up allowing students to book online. Keep me posted 🙂

Best if luck to everyone !

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They called me on Thursday to schedule but I also see that you can schedule online. Have they given a date for sending letters out yet?

I received a call Thursday as well. The website site says that decision letters will be mailed approximately Mid-July. Fingers crossed we all get in !!

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Hey guys! I also applied for Fall 2020. My cum. GPA is 3.68. I took the TEAS last Summer and received a total score of 89.3%. I'm hoping for a spot at the Palm Coast campus. I'm so nervous 😫

Hi! Yay, I'm so glad people are replying to this thread. It makes me feel much less alone! CONGRATS on submitting your application. I'm also hoping for a spot at the Palm Coast campus.

Did anyone receive a decision letter yet ? I’m so anxious to find out ! 🤣

5 minutes ago, NursingADN said:

Did anyone receive a decision letter yet ? I’m so anxious to find out ! 🤣

Nothing yet 😞 I hope soon we get something. I've been checking my USPS informed delivery and the nursing website obsessively for updates! I don't know if I'll survive waiting until mid-July. I feel like the live action version of that episode of SpongeBob where he's waiting by the mailbox for his free cereal box toy for days. Actual footage of me waiting is attached.

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