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For a new student nurse position, what are your thoughts on starting your first position on nights vs days? I have accepted a PRN night position and I would love some input. My past positions have been office/ secretarial work. I am in my late 30's and have a 13 year old son and a husband that helps out as much as he can.

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Good question. I've done both. My shortened version of an opinion...

On Day shift: Pro's and Con's

Managers down your throat

Doctors rounding and adding orders all day long

PT and OT always bugging you and in your way


Slammed busy most of the time

Discharges (not on nights 99% of the time)

Cafeteria is open

You can sleep at night!

On Night shift: Pro's and Con's

No managers around

No rounding by doc's

Not much family (unless they sleep in the room)

No PT and OT in your way

Fewer medications to give

No cafeteria open (if your in a small hospital)

Drive home exhausted and it's scary, for me I have a 45 min drive so I can't do nights anymore due to this.

It's a lot more peaceful and quiet in general (this depends on the unit of course).

Thank you CBlover. I have a 15 minute drive home so that won't be bad. My worry is staying awake all night since I haven't done that for a LONG time now.

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It's not bad until around 3:30. From that time until about 5 it's tough. You so want to snuggle up somewhere. But once 5 hits you get that second wind because you know your shift will be over soon!!

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I am a CNA who works at a nursing home on the night shift. I've been at it for 5 years now, and I can say there's work to do, but it doesn't feel like a tremendous amount. The duties that I observe the nurses doing are few medication passes, sometimes a lot of charting/writing. The only time when it gets hectic is when there's 4-5 call-lights ringing, and residents are awake or getting out of bed, is when it gets busy since there's only 3 of us on nights. But other than that, I love this shift, I personally like the one-on-one communication I give to the residents and my co-workers. I think you'll be good on nights, just keep yourself busy and get up frequently between 3:30-5am. Good luck!

Thank you VicChic20. I'll keep that in mind to be busy during that time period!

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