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Days off

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My advice to all new camp nurses is that when you are applying/negotiating, make sure that you negotiate your days off per week.

I worked last summer for two weeks and was totally taken advantage of. :eek: I had about three-four hours off per week.:yawn: It was ridiculous!!!:confused: Make sure to clarify breaks and days off!!!!:lol2: I didn't know any better.:uhoh3:

Neveranurseagain, RN

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Most camps don't offer much time off, especially if you are only working for 2 weeks. In most states, camps are exempt from following labor law/working hours guidelines.


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Everyone else working at camp had one day and one night off per week. The camp nurse should have the same. At the end of my second week the Director went to a meeting for Accredidation and told me that she now realized that I should have had more time off than 30 minutes. She apologized and gave me a full day off after working 24/7 for 12 days. I would be up at night with a 17 y/o while she was having visual/auditory hallucinations, it was very difficult.


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that's too bad it happened to you. I worked at an ACA accredited camp, the Global Youth Village, got a day off each 7-9 days... and if I was up all night taking care of someone who was in an accident or got really sick, they would find some coverage for me so I could catch up on sleep. Their admin's approach was to take care of the staff, so they could take better care of the young people. But they also expected a lot from the staff, as all camps do!

tablefor9, RN

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Consider this...6 weeks, camp sign in Monday at 10am, camp dismissed Friday at 10am...and *no* time off in between.

The only time I could even go "emergencies only" was when I had another RN or MD or Paramedic onsite that could cover for me.

Still, wouldn't trade it!


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