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4 days left and scared of screwing up


I am just venting about being scared that I am going to do something to jepardize me finishing the last 4 days of preceptorship. I am getting more nervous, one of my preceptors is very difficult and makes me nervous, and it takes alot to make me nervous. She is very controlling and won't let me have my own groove along with other things it just makes me neurotic. Has anyone else felt this way, I am so close and can't believe how worried I am. Please everyone think positive thoughts in my direction. I hope all is well in everyone's nursing world :)

I think it's normal to feel this way especially when you're almost done. I'm feeling the same way as well! I only have a week and a half left of preceptorship and I can't shake off the feeling that I might screw up and mess up my chances of graduating. But we both need to stop and think about how far we've gotten so far. We've been through so many obstacles to get where we are now and we were able to accomplish them all. Just a few more days ... hang in there. You will do fine and pass with flying colors! Good luck.


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You only have 4 days left. Go with the flow and you will be fine. Whatever Ms control wants you to do, do it. Just think positive and everything will be fine. Good luck to you, because I have 4 days left until I am completely finished nursing school.

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