Day or evening clinicals?


I'm about to start clinicals soon and possible have an opportunity to choose either day or evening. I hear good and bad about both and was wondering if anyone had some insight on which might be more beneficial?



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Are you a morning or a night person? I would probably choose evening because I am definitely not a morning person, and getting somewhere at like 7am does not sound appealing to me.

Then again, when there is something fun going on at night (i.e. a concert or whatever) you would have to miss out. There's nothing fun going on in the morning that you would have to miss. So I don't know what I would pick but theres just some things to consider for ya ;) sorry if it wasnt much help!


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I have this same question to deal or evening nursing program. Which did you decide?


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when I was doing my LPN clinicals, I felt it was better to do the morning shift. Theres more activity, every one is on the floor, and thats when most of the learning takes place (tests, dressings, etc)

I hated doing the mornings, but I feel like its a better experience

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