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I have decided to get a pair of Dansko shoes. I have tried them on in a store. I am confused on sizing. It is European & I tried on a size 38 but I think it might be a little too tight. A 39 is too big. Are Dansko's suppose to fit like a regular shoe or are they suppose to be loose? Does that make sense?

Thanks for any help!

I was told they are supposed to not touch in the back. They should fit like a backless clog. If they are at all tight, it is not good! So you might think they are too big, but probably just right. I wear a 7.5 and I got a 39. They had me try 38 and 39 and could very obviously see that the large size was right for me.

Danskos are supposed to be big when you buy them. Over time they shrink to fit the specific shape of your foot. I have a pair and I love them, they are sooooo comfortable. Most Dansko stores have pretty hands-on customer service reps, and they are pretty good at leading you through the "experience" of buying the Dansko shoe.:)

They should feel very floppy and loose - you should be able to get one finger in between your foot and the side of the shoe all the way around your heel. I am usually a size 8 and have 39 dankso's.

I had mine sized at a Walking Company store.

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