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I've been wondering if there are any Danish nurses working in the States here at allnurses? I'd really love to hear what you think about working in the States as compared to Denmark. What is better, what is worse? Did you feel adequately prepared for the job when you are arrived? I mean did you feel overqualified/underqualified? How was the NCLEX?

I'm asking because I am an american studying nursing in Dk and plan on eventually returning to the US. I've been thinking alot lately about what the transition will be like. I really like it here actually and I'm worried that moving back to the States would be kind of hard when it comes to work environment.

For example, here on allnurses, you read all about nurses eating their young. My experiences in DK are quite the opposite. The nursing staff that I've worked with have always been really friendly and open to answering questions.

So, I hope I hear from some of you!!

På forhånd tak!!


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No but there are a few Aussies and after Mary married Frederick - well that almost makes us cousins:D


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No but there are a few Aussies and after Mary married Frederick - well that almost makes us cousins:D

true true, according to the press you guys have a sense of humor that Danes can appreciate..

everyone loves Mary over here.... and now she's going to finally give the people what they want... a new crown heir!!


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Hi Leslie. It seems that everyone's experience in the US is different. I'm an American and my experience was I wasn't eaten alive, and the nurses were very helpful and nuturing and very willing to answer questions.

Today I precept new grads and don't forget what it's like.

Good luck to you.


I actually had a few questions for you, and I'm not sure if I have info that may help you, but more than willing to try. I've currently arrived in Denmark and I'm trying very hard to pick up the language so that I can begin applying. Do you have any advice since you have also come from the states like myself. I completed school in the states and worked the past 5 years there, some in the military and some civilian in a few states. Either way, any advice right now would be greatly appreciated, and please let me know if you need anything in return. I can let you know of many options and what to look for if you are considering moving back.

Hope to hear from you!


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