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Dallas, Tx Relocating?


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My husband and I are thinking about relocating to the Dallas area in a few months. He works as an engineer so we need to move to a bigger city. My only concern is I've only been a practicing nurse for 13 months I have my ADN. I worked at a long term care center for 5 months then I started working at our local hospital. I've worked at this hospital for 8 months on medical/surgical floor. I dont really know anyone in Texas that I could ask about the opportunities there. I'm thinking about going back to school for my bachelors but wanting to work part time so I don't forget everything. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Dallas is a very competitive market. Having at least 1 year experience helps you over the new grads with an associates degree, and about on par with BSN's (depending on facility) as far as marketability.

I would say look for full time, work that for 6 months then switch to part time and get your BSN.

Although if you go in looking for PRN, you may find a job quicker.

Hey, so glad I found a thread regarding relocating to Texas Dallas . I live in New York ) Staten Island) but work in New Jersey / I am a experienced critical care / CTICU but looking to relocate to Texas . I am between Houston or Dallas area . I have been looking into Texas health in Dallas or memorial in Houston( they do have frequent recruiting in Ny). I Will moving alone with possibly my younger sister following later . Hey if anyone has any information about either hospital , the area or recommendations of any kind it would be appreciated. I plan to rent in Texas until settled I own a home in New York and don't want to sell too quickly : thanks


Specializes in Med/Surg. Has 1 years experience.

Thanks so much for the reply! I've been thinking about going the PRN way and getting my BSN more and more lately. Hopefully by the time we move out there I will almost have 2 years experience. Again thanks so much for the insight into the market!!