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Dallas/baylor nurses help a new grad!


Hi everyone! this is actually my first post. I was just offered a position for the June 2015 GN internship at BUMC. I was wondering what scrubs are used? I know they are navy blue and embroidered but are they specially scrubs ordered at a scrub store? are there different styles/brands? MOST IMPORTANTLY SHOES! I have been wearing regular white new balances throughout nursing school. I have not wanted to invest in expensive nursing shoes until I graduated. Do they have to be white? thanks in advance for the replies!

it's just navy--any style. not embroidered :) the shoes can be whatever style or color--even just running shoes. hope this helps! the only requirement is the color of scrubs. and the jacket may need to say baylor (or not have a random logo from somewhere else) but i think fleece is okay at the dallas campus