D20 and a 1.9 fr. PICC Occlusions

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I am a PICC RN in our unit. We recently had an occlusion on a brand new PICC that was running D20 at KVO (1 ml/hr). The line occluded so a line exchange was performed. The line occluded again within a few hours. We are wanting to possibly see if we can find anyone else that has had this issue with a high dextrose infusion. X z

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Were you running Heparin in the D20 bag? Why are you running D20? We rarely go over D12.5.

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I'd also like to know why D20. Especially for a KVO.

We usually don't run a KVO if the baby isn't on fluids. We Hep lock and flush every 3-4 hours. The only clotted line I can think of, they were for some reason, running a KVO rate.

I've had this issue running dextrose with high Concentration. Consider running it with heparin or placing a peripheral IV

I also am curious if the D20 was heparinized. We would never run a PICC line KVO without heparin. We would also never run D20 for KVO purposes. We actually would never run dextrose for only KVO purposes. We run heparin 0.5u/mL in 0.9% NaCl or something similar. Were there sugar issues or something?

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