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D/c of homeless patients suspected covid positive


ER nurse in Oregon wondering if anyone has systems in place or ideas for discharging homeless patients who are suspected but not confirmed COVID-19 patients.

Had a patient tonight who was suspected and was discharged to the streets wearing a surgical mask with instructions to quarantine. I was/am very distraught that we currently have no plans in place for helping to quarantine our homeless patients and are only going to let the community COVID spread ramp up.

Looking for advice, ideas, tips from any other nurses!

MagnoliaMurse, EMT-B

Specializes in Epidemiology/Public Health (current ADN student).

I would reach out to social work and community affairs and see what options may be available such as temporary housing or emergency housing assistance waivers under government programs.

mimibrown, ADN, BSN

Specializes in Med-Surg. Has 7 years experience.

When we had a covid rule out homeless patient, they stayed until their test results came back. There is no way a homeless person can self quarantine. It is irresponsible to discharge them and potentially infect others. You should take it to your manager/ supervisors ASAP.