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cypress college rn and lvn-rn waiting list


has anyone applied to cypress college in 2007 and haven't been called yet? the other question is if you ve a lvn how fast do u get in cuz i have one and it's still long answer me please my preq are all c's and are about to expire next yr helpppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on the waiting list at Cypress too, but I applied this year. Someone at cypress told me that if you are on the list, your prereq's dont expire, but that you are responsible for that knowledge when you do get accepted to the program.

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Oh boy is that true Cypress lets you in up to 10 yrs after you have done prerequs Ive done 3 out of 5 for lvn to Rn but that was 8 yrs ago> Anyone in same boat Im fine with the 30 unit opt out program I just need some possitive feedback. Went to GWC today and they advise STRONGY not to do lvn to rn non degree program Im out of time though Im 46 with my atamony/phys and micro done 8 yrs ago YIKES Honestly its very scary

to apply, your anat, phys and micro have to be within the last 5 years. After you have applied and are on the waiting list, then the prereq's dont expire, but they have to be current (w/i 5 yrs) WHEN you apply. I dont know about the lvn/rn thing, you can contact ------ at Cypress with those questions. She is the health science councelor and she is very helpful. Good Luck!

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lvn-rn program: the pre-requisites last 10 years..that's great BUT here's the catch.

IN order you must do the following:

1. Take 2 written tests in the FALL (only given in FALL)

2. Take 1 skills test in the SPRING (only given in SPRING)

3. Take the TEAS

4. Take the Nursing Transitions Class in the SUMMER (only given in SUMMER)

that's pretty much it...(sarcastic voice)

but you don't have to have any work experience unlike Golden West College or Cerritos College

I just graduated in December 2010 from NOCROP LVN PROGRAM and got my license in March 2011. I'm taking my last prequisite this spring semester (MICROBIOLOGY).

There's not much posts on lvn to rn for cypress colleges =(

I know an old friend who I graduated with from high school who did go did the lvn-rn route in Cypress but she hasn't given me any help at all! Sucks...

and I know couple students who I graduated with from LVN school and took the written tests in the Fall 2011, but i don't really talk to them. All i heard is that they passed :)