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CVS for endorsement in NY???

livvy livvy (New) New

anyone knows abt how long is the endorsement process in NY? is CVS still needed for endorsment? im confused coz i read in the other forum that it is still a requirement if youre from outside US. i thought CVS is only needed for initial application for NY but what if i passed nclex on another state.

hope anyone can help me. thanks

CVS is only required for initial licensure. If you passed NCLEX in another state and have a license from that state, then you are not going for intial licensure in NY. Take a look at the application for endorsement. That is what you would be doing.

thanks suzanne :) coz in the other forum they said CVS is still required for endorsement. really appreciate it :)

I am a foreign graduate, and I am licensed also in Vermont.I am just waiting for NY BON to respond regarding my CVS application,

i have been waiting for 8 months now and need to wait another 1 month for NY to give their response.

I am wondering, what is the next step for me to do once I have NY BON result for my CVS and endorse myself to new york.

i have a few questions to ask at the moment ( i cant wait until i call the NY BON for the answer tomorrow monday):

1. Is there such thing as pre credential evaluation worth 390?

2. The child abuse and infection control program, is it better to take it online or live?

when it comes to sending the certificates or letting the BON know that you have taken the couser

thank you so much

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