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CVRN through American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine

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Anyone have any experience with the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine? I know their CVRN certificate is recognized by the ANCC, but I don't know much about how to test through them and I'm not having much luck getting in touch with someone there to answer my questions.

Has anyone ever taken the exam to get a CVRN-1, 2, 3 or 4?


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I am also interested getting certified through ABCM. I have looked at the ACCN and AACN certifications, but I think the CVRN would be great cert as CCL RN. I know they have periodical review courses, but not easy to get to. Around Houston,it seems they are hosted by area hospitals. I will post if I make it to a course.


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Please do! Every time I've sent an email to the addresses mentioned on the site, it goes unreplied even though the woman I've spoken with at the association has told me those are the ones to use. Since then, I've tried a few times to reach them by phone and purchased a review manual from them but the manual looks like it's basically images of a powerpoint lecture; not the easiest to follow.

I can't seem to find anyone who has obtained certification through them for cardiac stuff, just those who've used the ANCC.

Let me know how your experience goes and thanks for replying!


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Hello, i hadn't seen this post until this morning. So answer your question.....I happen to have both CCRN and CVRN level 2. They are both separate organizations that adminster the exam; that is CCRN=ANCC and CVRN=ABCM. Having said that, the CVRN is more challenging than CCRN. So if you work in CVICU, CCU or Cardiac cath lab i would highly recommend CVRN. They have local chapters depending on what state you live in and you can attend one of their sessions. I suggest reading the book "Cardiovascular Nursing practice: A comprehensive Resource Manual and Study Guide for Clinical Nurses". This book is great even for daily reading!

But most of all it has hemodynamics, IABP interpretation, mechanical ventilator interpretation, 12lead ECG and Pacemakers, the pathophysiology is easy to understand as well plus the entire exam consists of a lot of information i found in here. I actually read it when i was testing for CMC. Good luck with the reading :yeah:

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Thx for the helpful information.

Has anyone used the Monitor Tech certification program offered through ABCM? Or know of any other Monitor Tech certification programs?

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Just wondering what the advantages are with a CVRN vs. PCCN or vice versa? This is the first time I have ever heard of CVRN. I always hear about PCCN and CSC/CMC. Can you work in telemetry/progressive and qualify to sit for the CVRN or do you have to work in CCL, CVICU/CTICU, CCU or cardiac surgery (it seems like the latter accordng to eCCU's post!). I'm very interested in this. Any good review books out there?

So I was wondering how you took the CVRN-BC level 2? ABCM teaches level 1 but level 2 isn't available yet. So how did you take it through them? CVRN was very difficult. Being a Cath lab and ICU nurse, my next conquest is the CCRN. The level 2 is aiming towards CVICU and CCU nurses in hospitals that have advanced care such as open heart etc.


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