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Does anybody know any hospitals in California that train nurses to scrub CVOR? I hear In some hospitals its required to scrub..where are those hospitals???

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This is likely something you will need to ask about at an interview as each hospital can be different. I've worked at a hospital where the staffing model was only surgical technologists scrub and I've worked at a hospital where every nurse was expected to scrub. And that hospital where only STs scrubbed? Due to shortage of STs has now had no choice but to start teaching their nurses to scrub. 

it seems like ucla is the only hospital that enforce rns to scrub..(which I like...) 

if you know any other hospitals, will you please comment....??

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When applying/interviewing, I would check the postings and ask up front. There is really no reason to work for someplace that requires you to scrub, especially if you don't want to. As you know, there are significant disadvantages to scrubbing, unless it's a job function you enjoy. Once they know that you know how to scrub, you can get stuck doing that almost all of the time. If that's not something you enjoy, it can make for a long day/week/month/career.

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Hey there, I'm at Stanford and all the CVOR RNs are expected to scrub and if they have not scrubbed CVT before, then they are trained as part of their orientation and ongoing training. Most of the University hospitals here in CA strongly recommend RNs scrub and circulate. With the shortage of CSTs these days its becoming the norm that RNs are being trained to scrub their service line .

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