cutbacks at WPAGH, anyone having personal experiences?


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I have interview at West Penn later this week. Yikes! Thank God it's only for their float pool.


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I'm at AGH. No cutbacks in RN staffing or overtime that I am aware of. My unit is losing 8 RNs to transfer/resignation over the next 4 weeks. The hospital is cutting back on things like lift pads, aloe-vestra wipes, shaving gel, etc. Sort of ridiculous eliminating items that are useful/comforting to patients. Our facility is jammed, very few empty beds. We hear that West Penn has entire floors that are shut down.


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Hey, K98, I probably know you. You work in the sicu at AGH right? I resigned in Aug 07 and am trying to come back. How are things going in the unit? PM me.

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