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:heartbeat :nurse: hello! i am new to the board and i was wondering if anyone had any tips/ suggestions on anything such as study habits, nclex, skills... i am an lvn student and i started my third module (med-surg) about a week ago and the instructor makes all the exams nclex style! horrible at these!! any suggestions on specific material/things to look at to prepare for an exam of this style? or any suggestions in general would be appreciated. thank you... :bowingpur

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read the information and go on to the weblinks listed on this sticky thread:

watch this and the general nursing student discussion forum because students will occasionally post a test question and ask for opinions on what people think the critical thinking is in getting to the correct answer. there are 3 websites that regularly post free nclex style questions for students to learn and practice their critical thinking skill on. if you check them regularly and copy the question and answer you can build yourself a nice little notebook of question strategy:

my critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students will help you learn what you need to know about medical diseases/conditions and their treatment and nursing care. this list originated from an lpn study site and has just grown and grown: - medical disease information/treatment/procedures/test reference websites. you can use some of the websites listed on this thread as supplements in finding some of the information you need to know in learning about medical diseases and conditions.

p.s. everybody is horrible at this style of questions at first. they are called application type questions and the nursing field isn't the only profession that gets them. they require considering a lot of different information before making the correct answer choice and the trick is that the question never tells you what information you are supposed to consider! its part of the fun and challenge--or agony if you are struggling with them.


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thank you! :yeah:


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I'm not sure which books your program requires you to have, but I am finding the ATI series really helpful! I must say that I haven't completed my course to take the nclex-pn yet so I guess I cant truly vouch for them, but they do contain a lot of info on a broad range of topics. They also have us buy Saunders Ed. 3 Comprehensive Review for the nclex-pn examination. It has nclex style questions in it with rationales. It also comes with a CD rom (which I lost moving.....) that has thousands of questions in it as well.


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Someone on here had posted the NCLEX 3500 website. This site rocks!!! It covers med-surge, psych, OB/Peds and some others. And it's FREE!!! Anyways, google NCLEX 3500 institutionalized version and it should come up for ya. Then you can take the practice quizzes and get the correct answers and rationales right away. This website helped me get a 95 on one of my OB/Peds exam. I strongly reccomend it.


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I have the link for the NCLEX 3500, it's completely free and from what I've heard, the best help. It's the RN exam but I think it should still help.;jsessionid=ED7A92D820141371BDC6FF7805756D93


And I just found the NCLEX-PN exam as well.;jsessionid=1F8FBD46F131EE0A1C293B3C90110EA1


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I just took one of tests from the above website and (I chose the 85 questions) and when it was time to get my answers.... no dice! lol It said to use internet explorer and I didnt. Thats what I get for not following directions!:mad:


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thank you everyone so much! :up::bow::cool::yeah::thankya:

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