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If anyone gets a chance, look at the current readers digest magazine, actually the oct. 2003 and sept. 2003 each have articles on the nursing crisis. It is part of series on the current health care crisis, but highlights the nurses plight.

The sept. issue highlights the current shortage and projected trends and how this ultimately affects patient care.

The oct. article highlights an ICU RN's typical day in a unit where having a 3:1 pt./RN ratio is the norm and just how stressful it is to get through a typical shift , especially with the acuity of some these patients. I thought this article truly told the story of how it really is for many of us. And helped explained why so many good RNs are burning out so fast. And why this nation needs to know what is going on.

I especially recommend the articles for anyone thinking about becoming a RN.While not every bedside job is that stressful, many are and you need to realize what you are getting into.

I think readers digest will also be having another article in November. Kudos to readers digest for exposing this crisis, that all of us know to well, maybe now the rest of the nation will realize what is going on with all the cut backs and increased acuity of many todays patients.

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Great atricle. Another really great article that tells it like it really is for nurses out there is in the October issue of Woman's Day.


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I read the first article and am grateful to the person who posted here and cued me in to it. I appreciate the heads up on the second article. In addition I would have missed the Woman's day article if I hadn't read about it here. Thanks to everyone that post these things.


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I read that article a few weeks ago and it really hit a nerve. It really makes you want to change visiting hours, actually everything makes me want to change visiting hours in the ICU. The article did a good job of the lack of appreciation we are given and how frustrating it is to us.

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