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Hi! I am a nursing student in Kansas looking to relocate to Dallas after graduation. Can anyone tell me which hospitals are best to work for and current pay statuses across the metro?? I am probably looking into SICU/trauma. Thanks!!

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DFW is completely saturated with new grad RNs. There are more new grads than there are jobs. You will need to decide which goal is most important - living in DFW? Or working at the best hospital? Or working in the specialty of your choice? The odds of getting all three are slim to none given the current shortage of new grad RN jobs.

My advice would be to apply everywhere for any new grad position. Apply in both Kansas and Texas.. Apply at the best hospitals to your dream position and then apply everywhere else for all the things you hoped you could skip at all the places you would prefer not to work. Then pray one of all of the above is interested enough to contact you for the first step in the interview process.

best of luck as you finish school. It's rough out there for new grads. If you weren't aware of the job shortage you may wish to start educating yourself and developing a game plan. There is no shortage of graduate nurses, there s a huge shortage of graduate nurse positions.

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