Current co-workers asking where your new job is.

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I have just accepted a new nursing position at another hospital. I have been very unhappy in my current job and have been wanting to leave for a few months. Where I work now I really don't trust the management as far as I could throw them. I live in a fairly decent sized city here in Michigan and there are tons of hospitals and clinics for nurses to work at. Some hospitals make you give a month notice upon resignation and unfortunately my job is one of them. On my application for my new job, when asked if the new organization could contact my current job, I checked no.

The day I found out I got my new job I gave my unit manager my resignation (not mentioning where I was going to go work and she didn't ask) but didn't tell anyone else. Well news apparently travels fast and by the end of the day, I had about 3 coworkers saying to me, "I heard you are leaving. Where are you going to go work?" The problem is...I don't want to tell them. Maybe I am paranoid but I don't trust my current managers to not try to ruin a new job for me, or some of my co-workers, who don't want you to leave or are just being catty to be saying, "Oh I heard that's a terrible place to work. You'll regret going there." I have seen my bosses try to get people in trouble for any little thing (which is one of the main reasons I am leaving) and I just don't want them to know where I am going because I don't think it's really any of their business.

I have a month to be asked this same question. How would you handle it if you didn't want your current bosses or co-workers knowing where you were going to go work?

I agree with the "I am not to discuss my new job at work". There is no reason to make up a silly story to appease your nosey co-workers.

You can also use the line I use at work - every time I am on the phone the person sitting behind me never failed to ask "who was that" or "who were you talking to". I respond to her by saying, "oh it was IBNYFB". She finally asked me what was IBNYFB and now she doesn't really talk to me anymore - which is a relief!

FYI - "IBNYFB" is the International Brotherhood of None of Your F#%& Business.

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