I'm about to start an ADN program in the fall in orange county. I've always wanted to work in the mother baby unit. I volunteered in the MBU at st josephs in orange for two years and i loved the environment. Does anyone know if i would have a shot at getting a job right out of nursing school in MBU? I looked at Hoag's site and there's five 3rd shifts open, but it says must have recent hospital experience, so i don't know if they'd take me straight out of school or not. It's where I want to be as a nurse. I'm just asking this now because I wanna know what to expect once I do graduate-like if ill have to work in another department before i can work where i really would like. As far as im concerned, ill work night, weekends, full time or part time to be able to work in MBU. If anyone as any input id be interested to hear. Thanks!

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You can always call the hospital directly and talk to the nurse recruiter. I'm still in school, but I've found that (once you get a hold of these persons), they're MORE than happy to talk to future grads!! Hence, the word "recruiter" in their titles!!

Good luck!!


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Situations change all the time. It never hurts to ask now. Be sure to ask a ? along the lines of "are there any trends in when openings become avail" at your institution, unit? I would keep an eye on the employment websites for the places that interest you. You can also physically go to the HR offices. Many of them have bulletin boards where they post openings on a regular basis and you can look at these at your leisure without bothering the people in the office. Also, keep on eye on the newspaper ads for the open house/announcements concerning new grad programs. You can gain a feel for how often they recruit. Good luck with your future aspirations.

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