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I just took the NET this week and scored a 86 composite, which was 96th percentile. Individually, I got 81 percent on math, and 91 percent on reading. This gave me a grade equivalence of "post high school."

What I'm curious about is, we only needed a 45 in math and 50 in reading to pass (although we get more points for higher scores).

What grade level would a 45/50 be considered?

I'm just trying to figure out how competitive my scores are.

Everyone who passed is going to an information session next week, so I'm sure I'll find out more then...I was just wondering. :)


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I have no idea, but I almost laughed when i saw how ridiculously easy the NET was. It basically tests you on basic algebra level math and basic reading comprehension - thing you should have learned by HS, and is something that I hope a nurse would have a firm grasp of at the very least.

I don't think they provide very thorough break downs as to percentile/grade level/etc like the sat/gre/lsat/mcat/etc.


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Well, it wasn't obviously easy for me. I had to take it twice because I did not manage my time well during the test. The stuff is easy, but it is time limited and for me, as an international student, it was challenging.


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Well rest assured that this is definitely a test that can be prepared for. Your score can be raised through studying.

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