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CUNY Queensborough (QCC) - Spring 2021

by rnstudent49 rnstudent49 (New) New Student Pre-Student

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Hey all, 

Wanted to start a thread for people applying to QCC for Spring 2021. Let's share updates and tips and remember we're all in this together!

I just applied but feel pretty confident. Anyone else? 


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Online application opened October 20th... deadline is November 2nd (but always possible to be extended based on responses). 

QCC is now requiring applicants to have taken the PAX exam (online) but they pushed back that deadline to October 27 (if anyone just found this - maybe there is still time for you to take it). 

Gathering from recent semesters... I'd guess that interviews will happen the last two weeks of November... possibly into the first week of December... and then decisions sent right away in early December. 

I applied just a day before you did and I feel pretty confident too. I hope we hear back soon because the wait is killing me. If you don't mind me asking, what was your pre-nursing GPA and your PAX score?


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PAX: 159
GPA: 3.5 overall (have a different bachelors) and A's in all the prereqs except for English 101 (B+) 

Wow this is going to sound crazy but I have almost the same exact stats as you. I got a 157 on the PAX and I have an A in all the prereqs except for ENG 101 which I have a B in. Did you finish any of the coreqs as well? 


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I took Microbiology and Statistics. I haven't taken Chemistry yet - I have noticed a few bridge programs don't necessarily require it. (Otherwise I can take it over the Summer)

I heard back today for an interview!


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Same! Good luck

Thanks. I had my interview today and I think it went really well. Do you know when we will hear back about if we got accepted or not?

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Hey! How did the interview go? Mine is next week. Good luck to all 🙂

Hi everyone, I have my interview today! so nervous.. I wish you guys all good luck!! 

Hi All! I applied for Spring 2021 as well. Although, I have not received an interview. =( Good luck to all of you!