CUNY College of Staten Island question?

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Hi are there any current students at CSI or any prospective students at CSI? :)

I was just curious on how you all did on the NLN exam? I scored in the 140's and I hope that's good enough... I also wanted to know how you all submitted your scores to CSI? Because on the website it says that they want scores mailed to the school,, however the NLN only send scores electronically through email?

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I had 99 percentile but I took it in 2007, there was no science.

If you got a 140, then you're more than fine. I got a 122 and got in, so you should be good.

Hey, I got a 139 on the NLN (95th percentile), and have a 3.41 GPA in the prerequisite courses. I'm so nervous to hear! I really hope I got in!

Also I hand delivered my scores to the nursing office, as I called and that was what the receptionist instructed me to do instead of mailing. She said that often when scores are mailed to the school, they are lost and never make it to the office.

Hey! When did you get in?

I got in January 2018. I start Nrs 120 this coming Fall semester.

If you don't mind me asking, how was your grade in Bio 150?

I GOT IN!!!!! I'm so happy!

my pre reqs grades were:

BIO 150: A-

ENG 111: A-

PHL 130: A

PSY 100: AP CREDIT from HS

I had an overall 3.71 GPA.

I got in too!!!! So excited!!!!

Congrats!!! I got An A in all my pre reqs besides boo 150. I got a B+

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