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I am an RN/BSN looking to move to the Monroe, CT area in July 2004. I have 5 years of experience in night shift med/surg,with ACLS now,and I am looking to broaden my horizons. I plan to get a hospital job but have just been websurfing at this point. I'm asking anyone with any info on the following hospitals- Danbury, Waterbury, Yale-New Haven, Bridgeport, St Vincent's, St Raphael's, St Mary's, Milford and New Milford... What are these hospitals like for RN's currently working there and how well do they pay?? I don't know what to expect... any advice? Thanks!! Feel free to post or email me.


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I am familiar with many of the hospitals you mentioned. PM or e-mail me for specifics and details.


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What are the facilities in Connecticut that sponsors CGFNS nurses:balloons: Will you give me some info guys.

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I only know the new grad rates for St.Rapheal's and Yale. St.Rapheal's is the fourth largest hospital in the state and the atmosphere is very much learning oriented. The starting pay is $23/hr and there are differentials. Yale is starting pay is pretty much is the same yet I hear it is CRAAzy to work there as a new grad....but you're not a new grad, right? Anyway, hope this helps somewhat. Monroe, is a quiet place to live. Good luck to you:)

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