CT FNP programs Fall 2016 anyone


Hi all:

I applied to UCONN, SCSU and SHU FNP programs for this Fall. Only heard from UCONN on an interview so far.

Wonder if anyone else has. Hoping to exchange thoughts, info, progress updates maybe meet potential classmates:)


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So glad you started this thread! I am in the process of looking into some of these schools to apply. I finish my BSN in May, and from my understanding most of CT FNP schools offer a conditional acceptance-- pending I pass NCLEX. I am from CT, but I am away for school in SC so idk which programs are the most reputable and affordable. Any insight?

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You know, I did estimates of cost and was surprised to find that, while there is a pretty significant difference in cost of BSN between state and private schools, there is minimal difference in the cost of graduate programs. That said, SCSU and UCONN are still comparatively more affordable. Then Sacred Heart and Fairfield (comparable, but Fairfield more expensive). And I don't even look at Quinnipiac because they are by far the most expensive school in the state. There are other programs (like St Josephs? and WCSU) which I did not consider just based on location.

As far as reputation, I think all the above mentioned schools have a pretty good reputation among employers. I have colleagues currently in various programs and they all have good things to say.