CSUN, CSULA, CSUB Rn-BSN 2011 program?

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hey everyone,

i dont think there is any thread on this subject yet so i hope anyone who is applying to any csu rn-bsn prgram, please reply. thank you very much.

okay so rite now i havent started the adn program at my college yet but i would like to work on the prerequistes for it. i notice that the prereq for the rn-bsn at csu is pretty much the same as the adn program.

there's actually two courses that i am not sure if we need to take because it is different than the basic bsn program requirement. basic bsn require you to take child psychology and nutrition but the rn-bsn program dont require you to take it (at least it didnt mention it). this goes for the rn-bsn program at csu la and csu bakerfields.

so is rn-bsn prereq a few less than the basic bsn? this is what im trying to figure out: whether i need to take child psy and nutrition or not for the rn-bsn program. i dont want to waste my time later after i get my rn lincense and then have to take it before going into the rn-bsn prog.

so anyone who is applying for the rn-bsn prog, please tell me if you need to take child psy and nutrition or not?

thanks alot everyone. wish u all luck!

Did you ever find out?

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