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Well my situation is that I have hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the hands. I'm worried about my first semester in the nursing program because the situation is just embarrassing. Plus, wearing gloves is impossible to do. My insurance is taking too long to cover the surgery, so right now I just have to deal w/ it, at least for the first semester.

So my question is for those of you who are in the BSN program at CSULB, did the first semester require using gloves or physical contact w/ other students (in lab, for example)?


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at csulb we started caring for our own patients about 6wks into the semester and we did physical assessments and vital signs in lab prior to that

there is no way to get around the glove issue. isnt there anything they can do before then? my hands get sweaty between gloves or I wash my hands with gel right before and I can still get them in there, although it usually is painful/awkward...just laugh it off


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Thanks for your reply! When you say physical assessments, do you mean we do it on each other? I'm sooo embarrassed to touch someone when my hands are dripping wet! =(

I'm still debating whether or not to get the surgery, which will most likely be out of pocket since I need it before school starts in August (& I'm sure my insurance won't cover it by then). Also, the surgery is quite dangerous & has some bad side effects, as I've read. But I'm desperate, for the sake of this career!


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At first you do physical assessments on each other (the first 6 weeks), and after you are in the hospital you do your assessment on your patient. You also begin to pass medication.

Good luck on your decision!


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Maggioflore, what kind of gel do you use on your hands before you put on gloves?

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