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  1. CSUF or CSULB for direct entry MSN?

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I'm having a hard time deciding between CSUF and CSULB for their direct entry MSN (WHNP) program. I will be going part-time and working full-time on nights. I want to know what the differences are and which one is better. I think they are both 3.5 years long (I know CSUF the last semester is during the summer, but I don't know about LB). I know CSUF has a 6 week 40 hr/week internship the last summer. Does LB have something like this as well? How are preceptors determined? I heard that LB makes you find your own preceptors, while CSUF contracts them? How many days a week do you have class and clinical? From what I understand, the first 2 years at CSULB part-time can be 1 day a week, and the last 3 semesters have class 1 day a week with 20 hours/week of clinical and this would be considered full-time. How does CSUF work with class and clinicals and part-time compared to CSULB? Any opinions on which program is better for someone working full-time nightshift and going to school part-time?

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CSULB no doubt!

Matthew, RN

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Any specific reason why? Just it's reputation?

CSULB is in a big city with lots of resources accessible.

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