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CSUEB Fall 2016

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I've received my acceptance email and letter for Fall 2016 CSU Easy Bay Nursing Program. Has anyone else received theirs? Also do you know if we get placed on the Hayward or Concord campus? I'm looking into finding a place to live and wanted to know if anyone knew because its so expensive to live out in the bay.

Has anyone thought about on campus housing?

I have applied, but have not received any email or letter in the mail yet! Probably means I wasn't accepted. Do you mind posting your application stats to get more of an idea of what an accepted application looks like? Congratulations on getting in :yes:

On their website, they say we should hear back by the last week of May. I received an email and folder from CSUEB in February accepting me to the campus as a student but I am still waiting to hear if I have been accepted to the nursing program. If you take a look at the Allnurses blog for CSUEB for Fall 2015, it looks like most people started finding out if they were accepted around May 15th.

Correct, @koolfish. I just received the admission to the school not the nursing program, got too excited. We should hear back sometime in May.

i just got my acceptance into the program!

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