CSUCI Nursing Program in Goleta


I'm wanting to apply to the CSUCI Nursing program in Goleta for Spring 2014. I'm just wondering for people who have been accepted in the past, what was the cut off amount of points for the supplemental criteria. I'm going to have 3 classes in progress when I apply and I am worried that it will hurt the chances of getting in because it is counted as a B instead of an A. Thanks for your help!


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Hi, i see no one has responded to the question. Have you applied yet? I have applied and wanted to see who else will be waiting for decisions for spring 14.


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Hi, Did any of you get it. My kid is on alternate list for Spring 2015. However we are concerned about the high cost Tuition Total Units Required: 118.5

Cost Per Unit: $425

Estimated Fees to Complete Program: $50,363 or

Tuition $20, 145 per year. Regular CSU tuition is only about about 6K / year and I do get 6 free unit weaver since I work for CSU. We might drop Goleta and apply for CSUCI main campus BSN Fall 2015 among other schools.


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Hi Goodmed,

the total amount of units when you are actually in the nursing program is only 74 ($31,450).

on the curriculum it say a total of 120 units over 4 years, however the first 46 units are prerequisites that you finish before entering the university.

I got accepted for spring next year (YAY), hopefully I'll be classmate with your kid:)


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@mellenmunken what were your stats for getting accepted to CI? and did you have any additional criteria for points? thank you