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I've been working as an EMT on an ambulance for a little over a year now. Ready for the next step! I got my degree in Human Development/Psychology and currently live in Santa Rosa, which is wayyyy too far. I'm looking at possible rooms to rent closer to the school!


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Congrats everyone. I'm currently in cohort 5 right now. Looking forward to meeting everyone on orientation.


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Congrats everyone. I'm currently in cohort 5 right now. Looking forward to meeting everyone on orientation.


I'm very excited about orientation. Quick question for you, what is the schedule like for the first semester? Is it Monday through Friday all day? I'm just trying to figure out if I can keep a part time job. Thanks in advance!


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Each semester changes so can't necessarily say it will be Monday thru Friday's. If you have a flexible employer a part time job should be able to work but the schedule will change every semester! :-)


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Hello Everyone,

Has anybody received the orientation packet in the mail yet? I thought we were going to get something in the mail and I don't have anything yet!


Hi everyone!

I am very interested in this program. Planning on taking my pre-reqs sometime next year...

I have a few questions:

1) Are all the science courses required 1 semester classes or 2 semester classes?

2) What score should I receive on the TEAS test to get into the program?

3) Is financial aid available?

4) What is the daily schedule like? Can I work a part-time job while in the program?

Thank you so much, I really hope to hear from anyone of you soon!

I am extremely excited for all of you :) Good luck in the program this year!!

domino vitali

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Looking for feedback from those in the program. Interested in applying but worry about my points allocation in the scoring matrix (not a csu grad and currently not living the county districts)

Also - does anyone happen to know what the "shelf life" is on prerequisites? Are they all required to be completed within a certain time limit?



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Those of you who got in what were your points you got on your admission application?


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did you ever get in as an alternative? I just got my letter and I got placed on the alternative list, too.


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Got the letter yesterday. Accepted as an alternate, hoping I still have a chance!

Hi, did you get into the program as an alternative?

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